Brilliant Ways To Use reverse vasectomy

Room an easier day in the operating room is when I open up that vas deferens and I still see sperm and if they’re swimming that’s the best possible outcome so if I see motile swimming happy sperm in the vs defer ens at the time of the reversal and most of the time essentially a hundred percent of the time that man is going to have a good return of spurn to his ejaculate.

And therefore the chances of vasectomy reversal pregnancy are gonna skyrocket if I get in and the fluid is clear or thin and at least I’m seeing non motile sperm so they’re there they’re just not swimming that goes back to what we talked about a few slides back in that the just the time from the vasectomy is going to dictate often whether or not there’s swimming sperm at the time of reversal but.

I know that that man is going to be able to ejaculate out those non motile sperm to get were the good swimmers are and again we’ll be able to restore fertility if I get in and I find sperm fragments mean and I see heads of sperm and tails of sperm this is just a timeline so in other words that just means that those fragments used to be sperm and they’re on that pathway to complete reabsorption.

By the body and again it just changes how easily and how quickly sperm is going to return to that man’s ejaculate so quality of fluid is critical so if I do a vasectomy reversal on a man that’s one year out from his vasectomy and I find that paste and I do have a second reversal on a man that’s years out from his vasectomy and I find motile sperm who do you think is going to have the best chance as a success it’s the guy with motile


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weekend and I found the unit didn’t hardly have any refrigerant in it this is an R system you can see right there that’s what the system off so that’s never a good sign and I just I didn’t have any r on me that day to get her going and ever since then it’s been cool and she hasn’t needed air well it’s starting to warm up here in Louisiana so I figured.

I’d come over here and give her some air today Sack I kind of stole your idea man sorry about that my dad gave me the s fans back he said he just wasn’t using them and they were you know going to waste and he said if he needed them he’d get them but whatever but so Sack I copied your idea man I’m going to use the S man’s for r and the test owes for for a and I just went bought brand new hoses ball valves and everything but like I said the system’s leaking and I got a pretty good idea.

where it’s at you can see right here how greasy all that let’s see how it doesn’t look greasy right up here by my hand I actually didn’t install this unit this unit was installed before I went in business for myself when my dad was still with his other partner at that other business and uh and I actually didn’t install it the guys he had working for him did I was off doing something else so it looks like that one of them boys left a one of these solder joints leaking somewhere so.

we’re going to Tucson ac repair put some nitrogen on the system and uh and see works and pinpoint this thing and get it fixed so uh let me get my nitrogen tank hooked up and we’ll get started all right I took the suction line service cap off and you can see there’s it’s bubbling and they’re pretty good so I don’t know if that’s where this all this grease is coming from or if one of these solder joints is actually leaking.


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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Reverse Vasectomy

Joining us this evening for our webinar if you’re on google handouts you’ll see a grid of squares on the top right of the hangout window and if you click on that and the Q&A; button that’ll open up the questions window down the right-hand side at the bottom of the questions window you can click on ask a new question we’d love to hear from you of any questions you may.

Have pertain to reverse vasectomy if you are streaming with this live on YouTube you can submit your questions below the video in the comment section and type your question in there and then click on the post so at this stage if you do have any questions we’d love to hear from him and answer those questions in the interim if you are interesting vasectomy reversals obviously in contact dr. person directly at I’ve been Australia on the rooms triple or alternatively.

Is Greenwich rooms on double zero so this stage we must return take a few questions by the way Frank and I work together as a team we affect this Friday will be doing operation like we normally do together we’ll it’s great to have two sets of eyes two sets of hands doing this work one of the questions was when you get a sperm test to know it successful after the vasectomy reversal but I think.

I probably wait for weeks til people are comfortable to do this procedure but waiting any longer than that doesn’t really have much sense there will be immediate sperm flow through these pipes providing me an estimate is in place and another question came through as what’s a chance of success with IVF if someone’s already attempted.